GENERAL CAMP (Grade 2 to Grade 8) Early registration is recommended!

General Camp is filled with variety! Arts & Crafts, Sports, Swimming, Forest Games, Talent Shows, Archery, and more! This program encourages independent choices and provides plenty of adventure!

Who is this program for?

General Camp is suitable for campers who enjoy being outdoors and who are entering Grade 2 to 8 in the fall.  

General Camp provides an age-appropriate ratio of care, lot of variety, fun, and excitement, and an opportunity for new skills, independence, and confidence to bloom!  Campers love the variety of activity choices we offer in our General Camp Program and it is important to note that campers in this program get to choose their own activities in almost every period of the day from our pre-scheduled selection of choices!  Please reach out to our registration office to learn more about how activity choices work in order to be sure that this program is the best fit for your camper.  Fresh air, fun and friendships are the name of the game in our General Camp program.  We are able to provide fun and engaging age-appropriate programming for each and every General Camper who attends.  

Campers who love the outdoors, action, and a variety of activities such as archery, swimming, crafts, talent shows, disc golf, kayaking, nature hikes, yoga, playground time, and sports will love this program! 

What is this program about?

Our General Camp Program is all about creating memories for our campers, camp families, and staff that can last a lifetime! We hope to inspire a life-long connection to recreational activity, respect for the environment, fun, and relationships that will last a lifetime. We want to inspire our campers to try new things, learn independence, and reach for the stars!

We are pleased to say that our camp has provided campers with a safe place to try new things, make new friends and challenge themselves since 2002.

The General Camp Program at Kids Inc allows your camper to choose their own activities throughout the day from our pre-scheduled activity choices.  This kind of activity schedule can inspire even the most reluctant camp participant to shine since they get to participate in activities that seem the most fun to them!  We have so much variety that there is bound to be something for every camper to love.  If you feel that your camper would find choosing their own activity each period to be a challenge please contact our registration office so that we can hae systems in place in order to help them to thrive.  Our Camper Care department is here to help and we can be reached at

Join the fun at Kids Inc Camp this summer or if you still need more information to see if Kids Inc is for you please read the rest of our website or call or e-mail us for more information today.

where is the program located?

We are located out in the beautiful country side in Erin ON. We are on 30 private acres. Our facility was built with our campers in mind. 

The camp location is 5567 4th Line in the Town of Erin. Please note that this is a private property and is not open to the public for tours. We take privacy, security and safety very seriously. Please do not enter the property during non-program times. 

REGISTERED FAMILIES ONLY – If you are entering the facility during program times please be sure to always drive slowly and email or call us prior to your arrival so that we can come and meet you in the parking lot.


PROGRAM HOURS – Our program runs from 9AM to 4PM each day – however – the transportation that you select will impact the hours that your camper will be at camp or on the bus in the AM and PM.  Find out more here! 

CAR TO CAMP – Do you want to drive your camper to and from camp each day? If so our Car to Camp option is best for you! We have regular hours options and flex hours care options available and you with this option.  You can also organize your own car pool with other camp families if that makes things even easier for you! Learn more about the specific hours of operation for Car to Camp today!

BUS SERVICE – Daily bus transportation is one of our transportation options and is also part of the fun at Kids Inc Camp!  This option can not be used in combination with Car to Camp.  If you select to use the bus you will need to use this option AM and PM each day of the program.  This option saves you the cost of fuel, is very convenient and located in many surrounding areas close to your home.  Please check out our bus schedule and more details about bus service by following the learn more link.  We serve Georgetown, Erin, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Guelph, Eramosa, Rockwood, Acton, Milton, Orangeville, and surrounding areas.  There is no additional fee and our bus services and it is safe and well supervised.  Check out all of the camp bus transportation information today! 

why is this program great for your camper?

Our Vision

The vision for Kids Inc Camp is to bring all of the ideas, activities, programs, attitudes, staff atmospheres, and camp traditions of a typical overnight camp experience into the day camp environment. 

Kids Inc Camp is a summer camp that is all about creating memories for our campers, camp families, and staff that can last a lifetime! 

Campers who love the outdoors, being active, and participating in a variety of energetic activities will really love our program.  We have a variety of activities to choose from including but not limited to:  crafts, swimming, sports, nature, forest games, hikes, yoga, talent shows, puppets, music, archery, kayaking, and more!  Trying new things and making new friends are a big part of the fun.  Join us this year to see why Kids Inc Camp is so well received by so many campers!  We really do have something for every child at Kids Inc Camp.  

safety at camp

The safety of our campers is our primary concern at Kids Inc Camp.  We pride ourselves on our safety training, protocol, policies, and practices that help to keep every aspect of the program and facilities as safe as they can be at all times.

Early registration is recommended!

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